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This wiki is about the game titled "Dungeon Defenders II", made by Trendy Entertainment. The website is found at:

The Current Version for the Game Client is: Version 21.2Silk bullet wrench

Dungeon Defenders II Latest Headlines

DD2 has now released its Foundation: Part 1, which includes a large number of balance and content enhancements.Bullet wrench

For more details, check our Announcements page.

Ability Mana

Memorandum of the Battlefield

  • GoblinGo to Goblins
  • Bomb GoblinGo to Bomb Goblins
  • WarboarGo to Warboars
  • OrcGo to Orcs
  • Javelin ThrowerGo to Javelin Throwers
  • KoboldGo to Kobolds
  • Lady OrcGo to Lady Orcs
  • WyvernGo to Wyverns
  • Kobold FlierGo to Kobold Fliers
  • DrakinGo to Drakins
  • Dark MageGo to Dark Mages
  • WitherbeastGo to Wither Beasts
  • Lightning BugGo to Lightning Bugs
  • OgreGo to Ogres
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